Learn to Give Before You Can Get

It was tough.

We didn’t have any food or clean water.

My mother was awful in her own way.

I never knew my real father.

Prior to being adopted, I was in two foster care homes.

The first home was small and crowded.

The second one was larger and inhabited by fewer children.

At the time, I spoke a different language than everyone else, so it was difficult to form relationships, but I do remember the caregivers.

They were very abusive.

My time in foster care ranged from four until six when a family from Germany adopted me.

Back then, I had no understanding of what adoption was nor what it would mean for me.

I couldn’t even speak the same language as my adopters.

Now, I consider it something to be grateful for, and a means to a much better future.

With that said, it’s not as though it has been a particularly easy experience.



Having no one to talk to, is even harder.

I was always quite.

I’ve also never had a good relationship with my adoptive parents. We were never able to bond. It’s a problem I’ve always had.

But, this year, I’ve decided that my goal is to find out everything I can about myself and my adoption.

However, I can’t say that I’m not afraid to find out some of the answers to the questions I’m about to ask.

I hope that by asking these questions, it’ll give other people the strength and hope to share their stories, and maybe change their lives or perspectives for the better.

After I explore my adoption, finish school, and move out of my parents' place, I hope to combine my two strongest passions: cooking, and helping others.

I want to ultimately position myself as a helper to those less privileged and fortunate than myself.