Accepting The Facts

I was adopted immediately after my birth.

Based on what I’ve been told, my birth mother found my adoptive parents through an adoption agency.

As I recall, my childhood was awesome. I grew up in the lovely Washington, D.C. area.

I still live with my adoptive father. Unfortunately, my adoptive mother passed away.

Realizing that the people who raised me weren't my biological parents was a tough cookie for me to swallow. It was even more challenging to accept the fact that my birth mother never wanted me.

I overcame that by learning that I have two parents who love me and would do anything for me—something my birth mother didn't think she could do.

I'm still learning to cope with the fact that I may never have a relationship with my birth parents.

I have little to no information on them, not even their names.

And yet, I am proud that something like adoption exists.

I think other people should know that adoption is another wonderful option.