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Never Give Up
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For as little as $5, you will help support our ongoing efforts of educating the general public regarding issues discussed through the creation of individual, Stand Up & Speak Up stories. These stories are foundational in creating a closely connected community of individuals who have overcome unique life circumstances, and in helping them develop self-confidence and self-narrative.

For a $35 contribution, you will help the development of much-needed educational and inspirational podcast episodes, discussing matters related to finding one’s voice, working through different forms of adversity, developing the courage to share one’s story, methods for healing from early separation trauma, and many more. These episodes, along with Stand Up & Speak Up stories, are at the core of building a strong community that can always be relied on.

For a $100 or more contribution, you are directly supporting those who are either not geographically or financially positioned to easily enroll in our transformational events and workshops focused on the development of individual voice, community and the courage to share one’s story.